Störtebeker to touch 18. July 2018 ‐ Interior Design

How can the variety diversity of Störtebeker beers be explained? The exploration tour in the heart of the brewing factory begins with a film journey documenting the brewing process and the selection and compilation of the selected ingredients. The path, lined with icons, graphics and lettering, then leads through a room in dark shades of grey. It is dominated by five brewing vessels, which embody the steps of the brewing process. Tastings, awards and numerous tools to inform interactively about Störtebeker make the traditional brand tangible. Defined selfie points encourage you to take home an impressive visual souvenir.

Stoertebeker Brauquartier Sudhaus Interior-Konzept

Sustainable design wins! 17. June 2018 ‐ Packaging

The reduced-scale image of the Elbphilharmonie, which wertmarke created as packaging for the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie Editions, convinces with its sense of form, functionality and the idea of sustainability. For this reason, the jury of the POPAI D-A-CH Awards awarded the design agency gold in the packaging category. The packaging, which is predominantly made of recycled materials, represents love for the environment paired with a passion for good design, from the cardboard base to the translucent top and the fibre cellulose inlay. The highlight: With an LED light, the Miniatur-Elbphilharmonie can be transformed into a stylish lamp.

Elphilharmonie-Edition gewinnt POPAI-Award 2018

Redesign for a traditional company 11. June 2018 ‐ Corporate Design

22 years after the logo was designed, wertmarke was commissioned to reposition the "Hotel Klosterpforte" brand and to emphasise its superior character both graphically and visually. As the epitome of value, a warm gold tone was chosen as the base colour. Clear lines and grids are broken by the sweeping brush strokes of the logo and a handwritten typography and unite personality and perfection as it is characteristic of the Hotel Klosterpforte. In order to offer guests orientation on the 180,000 square metre hotel area and to guide them through the variety of offers, wertmarke developed an umbrella brand concept including a signage system.

Hotel Residence Klosterpforte

Freshly excellent! 12. February 2018 ‐ Packaging

The success story of the wertmarke packaging concepts continues. This time, the packaging of the 0.85l growler bottle, which wertmarke developed together with Störtebeker, received the iF Design Award in the corresponding category - the oldest independent design award with a jury of 63 international experts. Highlights of this packaging: the unusual shape, the striking design and a handle made of a solid cardboard box in which the bottle is fixed with two natural rubber bands. The red Störtebeker flag, as an unmistakable trademark, was implemented for this packaging concept as a metal clip, which can also be used as a paper clip. The sustainable "Gesamtkunstwerk" can be seen from 21 June to 16 September 2018 as part of the iF Design Exhibition Hamburg in the Elbe arcades of HafenCity.

Störtebeker Growler IF-Award Sieger 2018

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Stoertebeker Bierkiste

Stoertebeker Bierkiste Product Design

The award-winning beer crate (German Packaging Award & World Star 2013) depicts an authentic surface of an old wooden box which was produced through the in-mould-process...

Strandräuber BioBiermix

Strandräuber BioBiermix Packaging

Only organic products are involved in the fruity seasonal beer "Strandräuber" of the Störtebeker Braumanufaktur for which wertmarke created a congenial- rough image. The brand identity - from key visual to the packaging...


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