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becker & partner

As part of a generation change at the managerial level of the traditional accouting and tax advisory company in Hamburg, wertmarke reworks the whole brand presence. On the basis of a newly defined brand essence various internal & external communication tools emerge.

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design concept

The existing logo, which includes circles in different sizes, symbolizes the network- orientated work of the chancery becker & partner. The focus on "numbers and facts" is therefore emphasised through different numerical motifs and suitable headlines in their brochures. Wertmarke developed a coporate design manual and CI-booklet for employees, as well.

Becker partner tasche

Corporate Design

further interesting projects


Quadbiker Movies

On the occasion of the Winter Paralympics in Turin in 2006 wertmarke produced an image trailer that was shown on the internet... Movies

It takes only 1 minute and every potential costumer knows how to use CU I Camper. This is achieved by the newly animated brief instruction clip that was designed and realized by wertmarke. Step by step...

Störtebeker Brauspezialitäten

Störtebeker Brauspezialitäten Corporate Design

The connection of the past and presence works as the foundation for the relaunch of the brand "STÖRTEBECKER Brauspezialitäten" (brew specialities). Wertmarke develops the key- visual, a cog on the rough sea, as a symbol for the myth... Web Design

Communication on eye-level is the overall motto! Direct quotes and snapshots of the everyday life at the KW shape the website. Together with a new logo developed...

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