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Biergenuss von der hellblauen Sorte 01. June 2022 ‐ Movies

Endlich Hell im Norden – unter diesem Motto kreiert wertmarke eine multimedial angelegte Kampagne für die neue Biersorte „Nordisch-Hell“ aus dem Hause Störtebeker. Mit Plakaten, Filmen, einem Funk-Spot und einer in-App-Kampagne schürt das wertmarke-Team die Vorfreude auf das neue, leichte Sommerbier. Das strahlende Blau eines Sommerhimmels prägt das Design der neuen Bier-Sorte. Als Basisfarbe des Etiketts kontrastiert es wirkungsvoll mit den Bierkisten in Treibholzoptik. Auch die blaue Banderole entfaltet auf der goldbraunen Glasflasche die volle Leuchtkraft. Einfach in der Sonne sitzen und ein kühles Helles genießen – dank der gebrandeten blauen Liegestühle, den passenden T-Shirts und Baseball-Kappen motiviert das Motiv der Plakate zum Nachahmen und Entspannen.

Design bridge 06. April 2022 ‐ Interior Design

In the Störtebeker brewery inn in the Hanseatic city of Greifswald, a long history meets a forward-looking concept. With a great deal of sensitivity, wertmarke, in cooperation with formwaende, succeeds in interpreting the liaison between old and new visually and spatially. Thanks to a large opening and a connecting interior, two neighboring historic houses have been transformed into a single design entity. A bridging that is also reflected in the furniture, which was preserved and supplemented with modern elements. The materials used make the essence of the Störtebeker brand tangible. Rough oak wood corresponds with the rich shine of genuine leather and wall design with typical brand elements, so that everyone understands: The art of brewing is at home here.

The way of the whisky 21. February 2022 ‐ Interior Design

Whisky is a world view. One that wertmarke effectively stages at the Störtebeker distillery on the Mönchgut peninsula. Behind the time-honored walls, a brand world was created that exudes honesty and authenticity. Historical elements meet modern design here. Native materials such as flamed oak from the coast paired with copper accents create inviting spaces that give visitors insights into the art of distillation and views of the landscape. The space opens with an impressive metal gate in the shape of a wooden barrel. A path lined with select raw materials leads to the distillery's cellar, where individual whiskey recipes mature in personalized barrels.

Live tasting as an online adventure 07. February 2022 ‐ UI/UX-Design

Digitally toast with exclusive craft beers? That's possible. Thanks to a virtual presence that wertmarke developed especially for Störtebeker online tastings. At www.abenteuerreise.live, the famous cog welcomes the beer connoisseur. Just a few clicks and the well-stocked adventure box in seafaring look makes its way to the beer lover in time for the monthly livestream. How an online tasting succeeds, wertmarke illustrates in a few concise icons. Directed by the design agency, beer sommelier world champion Elisa Raus accompanies the adventurous journey, flanked by illustrious guests and accompanied by film. Together with renowned colleagues, she answers questions via live chat and brings the brewery atmosphere directly into the house.


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