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scoyo – school yourself

Wertmarke develops the coporate design for scoyo, a project from Bertelsmann AG. For their e-learning platform online a new logo and popular figure, which is embodied by a racoon, is developed. As part of a global marketing research the prospective visual appearance is selected.

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Scoyo character

character design

Since this platform is globally used and advertised, it is important to develop a character that is known and positively approved on every continent and in every culture. At the same time the character should possess characteristics and abilities, which represent and contribute to the ideas of a learning management system.

Scoyo signage
Scoyo tablet
Scoyo logo

brand book

A diverse range of developing teams simultaneously work on this large project of the Bertelsmann AG. To guarantee a frictionless work concerning the logo, scripts, coporate colours and the character, wertmarke develops and designs a digital brand book with all relevant data.

Scoyo brand book

Corporate Design

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